Single Session: Fluid Fundamentals

Single Session: Fluid Fundamentals
From CAD $75.00
  • Product code: SS-FluidFun
Build a solid foundation to build skills upon for fluid and efficient mountain biking. Learn the importance and value of stability & balance, as well as improved gearing & cadence, shifting smoother, braking with more control and purpose and even learn to do some cool moves with your new found skills!

Receive video/photo feedback on the spot for skill analysis, breakdown and to see yourself in action.

2016 Spring Dates:
Tuesday evenings
  • APR: 5, MAY: 3, 31 
Time: 6pm – 8:00pm

2016 Fall Dates: Sunday
  • SEPT: 13th -10am-12pm


This program focuses on:

  • The essential components of Stability & Balance
  • Key bike & body movements
  • How to find an ideal cadence and gearing for specific applications
  • How to shift with grace (meaning less trips to the bike shop and more efficient rides)
  • Braking for control and confidence
  • Some essential (and fun!) riding maneuvers for riding trails in BC.